JingSu Tianli Aluminum Co.,Ltd

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JingSu Tianli Aluminum Co.,Ltd is a joints venture company with China and British. We are a large enterprise that is specialized in the production of all aluminum extrusion. Currently we have imported 5 sets extruder of 2,400 tons -880 tons, 1 line of anodizing, and each 1 line for molding manufacturing, aluminum ingot casting, Profile sandblasting. Reasonable devices can meet various profiles of the surface extrusion needs. In the second half of this year, we are jus launching 3,600 tons of ext...

          • Company Name:
          • JingSu Tianli Aluminum Co.,Ltd
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          • Main Products:
          • alloy aluminium section, wall, door and windows,
          • Address:
          • ChangFu Bridge, Ximen, YiXing City, Jiangsu.
          • Post Code:
          • 214201
          • Contact Person:
          • Wang Yicheng
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          • Mobile Phone:
          • 15961566118
          • Tel:
          • 0510-87111760
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          • 0510-87111250
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